A ministry by law enforcement officers, and for those who are looking to grow in God. 


Our Services

Monthly Meetings

Presently we are working with a few churches around the twin cities and hoping to meet in person soon. Due to Covid this has been difficult but we hope that God will bring us together soon.

Department Outreach

We are here to help you and your department. If it's prayer, bible study tools, or just another officer to talk to we are here. Being police officers ourselves we go through what you go through, and sometimes it is just easier to speak to someone who truly understands the world we work in.

Community Outreach

Seeing what is going on in the law enforcement world today we understand the need to grow with your community. We would love and come to speak with you church and community. We feel that knowing there are Christian police officers working in your community will help foster an amazing God filled relationship.


Leo Ministries has a podcast that is attempted monthly. Key word is attempted. We all know how busy this career field is and we will try to provide for you.


Listen to the Leo Ministries Roll Call on Spotify and Anchor FM! 


Leo Ministries


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