A ministry by law enforcement officers, and for those who are looking to grow in God. 

LEO Ministries

The goal of Leo Ministries is to provide a place for law enforcement officers, families, and communities to come and seek God.


Leo ministries was found by two police officers that were looking to bring the word of God to those they served with. They could see that there was a need for a ministry that could help those who dedicate their lives to helping others.

I have been a police officer for three years now. Before I had spent almost 8 year in corrections. I also spent 6 years in the Army National Guard as an Infantryman. 

During my time in the law enforcement and military field I found the need to minister to those serving. 

I already hold a degree in Law Enforcement but have since returned to school to better equip my self to lead people to Jesus.

I have been a police officer for over 7 years. More recently I have accepted the free gift of salvation from the Commander of the Lord's Army, the High Priest and King, Jesus Christ.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us at leoministriesmn@gmail.com

We are here for you. We thought our calling was to be police officers but we have realized it is to help those who serve and bring God into their lives. Please contact us if you need anything.


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